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Newest pick-up lines: the complement is negative

Two pick-up lines:

Hey baby, wanna see my unconventional stack discipline? I’ll allocated space for you in my heart, and I’m never overwrite it. 

Hey baby, here’s my link-pointer. I set it equal to R31, so you can call me anytime. 

Girl: I’m not falling for your base two compliments. -.-


Pick-up line: it’s the (band-)width that matters

Newest pick-up line: Hey baby, wanna join my network protocol? I’ll let you use my channel with maximum utilization and minimum fairness. ❤

Girl: Do you have a lot of luggage? Because I can help you packet.

Newest pick-up line: manifold or representation

Hey baby, are you a manifold, or a representation? Because I can’t decide what I like more: your form, or your character. ❤

Girl: Judging by your identity, I can’t decide whether you’re the zero-form or the trivial character.


Joke with my own added punchline

An engineer, a physicist and a mathematician take part in a study. The three of them are each sent into three separate rooms with white walls, given a bucket of green paint, and asked to paint all the walls green. However, there is not enough paint in each bucket to accomplish this task.

After an hour, the experimenters come to observe each room. They find the engineer’s room painted on two walls, but hardly painted on the third wall. When asked about his solution, the engineer replies, “This was the most thorough job I could do with this amount of paint.” The experimenters nod, and move on.

Next they visit the physicist. They find the walls completely white. They ask the physicist to explain why that is the case. “I can prove that the total surface area of these walls exceeds the maximum area that anyone can cover with paint,” the physicist replies. Again, the experimenters nod, and move on.

Finally they enter the mathematician’s room. To their amazement, the entire room is painted green! “How did you manage to do that?!” they exclaim in shock. The mathematician says:
“Simple. I proved to the physicist that the total surface area of these walls exceeds the maximum area that anyone can cover with paint. Then I took his paint.”

Newest pick-up line: epsilon-naught

Hey, do you know the value of permittivity of free space ε0?

Girl: Isn’t it around 10−10?

Well let’s make it zero, because there should not be any free space permitted between the two of us. ❤

Girl: That would be unnecessary. The repulsive Coulomb force you exert on me is already undefined.

Newest pick-up line: nothing else

Hey baby, are you a pseudo-nihilist? Because nihilism makes nothing matter, and you make nothing else matter. ❤


Newest pick-up line: Euclidean space properties

Hey baby, do you preserve parallel lines? Because you’re affine girl. ❤

Girl: You’re just desperately trying to get group action, aren’t you?

(Rejection line inspired by an idea from Ravi Jagadeesan)

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