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Newest Pick-up Line: P vs. NP

Hey baby, did you just solve one of the Millenium Problems? Because I would search for you even if it took exponential time – yet the moment I found you, I knew in O(1) time that you were the one. ❤

Girl: Come and find me then. I’ll be waiting at the smallest complex number z such that z is a non-trivial root of the Riemann-Zeta function with real part not equal to 1/2.


Newest pick-up line: language of love


Kudos to you if you have the patience to decode this braille. Super kudos if you understand the rejection line!


Answer in the comments.

Newest pick-up line: do not abridge our love

If I only had one chance to be with you, I would hold your hand and take you on a romantic promenade circling through the Seven Bridges of Konigsberg without repetition. ❤

Girl: If you tried to do that, I would embed the graph in the projective plane and run toward the point at infinity.

Newest pick-up line: rational gambit

Hey baby, wanna hear an alternative formulation of Pascal’s Wager?

Girl: What is it?

No matter what the risks are, I will always confess my love to you. ❤

Girl: You wanna hear an alternative critical response? You’re assuming that the probability that I love you back is positive…

Newest pick-up line: A love game

Newest pick-up line: My love for you is like the cooperative scheme in a prisoner’s dilemma. Irrational, yet more desirable than the rational outcome. ❤

Girl: I’m sorry, but it’s just way too small. Your Shapley value, that is.

Newest pick-up line: convergence

If my life were a metric space, you make all the Cauchy sequences in my life converge. ❤

Girl: If your life were a metric space, you should stop trying to form arbitrary unions.

I have no (half-)life

I love radiocarbon dating.

It is the only form of dating I have experience with.

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